The Benefits of Our IVIG Therapy

IVIG Therapy IVIG Therapy

The Benefits of Our IVIg Therapy

When we mention IVIg therapy, we are actually speaking of immunoglobulin therapy, which refers to the complicated fraction of human blood plasma. During this fraction, the immunoglobulin or antibodies are being released. IVIg therapy helps those people that can’t produce enough antibodies for their own organism. There are millions of antibodies in the body of one person, but since there is so much diseases and germs, no one can produce the amount of antibodies that will cover all of them. Besides full IVIg treatment, there is a possibility to receive antibody injection. This can improve our immune system, and it is often given to the people that are traveling a lot and changing time and climate zones.

IVIG Therapy

IVIG Therapy

Who can Benefit from the Therapy

If you are suffering from the lack of antibodies, then we can help you with IVIg treatment. IVIg therapy is prepared from plasma that has been collected from a large number of healthy individuals. This plasma contains a great number of antibodies that react with different types of viruses and bacteria. We are carefully testing the blood that we get from the donors before we extract immunoglobulin, to be sure that everything is all right.


During the process of purification, with different techniques and steps, we are killing all possible viruses and bacteria that could harm the patient that receives the therapy. During the purification, even the HIV virus is being destroyed, and the result is a fine and well-purified immunoglobulin. However, keep in mind that if you are having problems with the creation of antibodies the IVIg therapy will not help you with the creation of new antibodies.


Repeated doses of immunoglobulin are required since the dosage of antibodies is being metabolized for three or four weeks. We are advising our patients that the best repetition intervals are weekly ones. However, if a patient finds some other interval suitable, we can arrange that and create dosages on a daily and monthly basis. Immunoglobulin is injected under the skin, and it gets absorbed for two or three hours, it all depends on the patient.

If you are having problems with the antibodies in your body, then an IVIg therapy is the right solution. We will discuss your state and create a program of dosages, depending on the time and on the health situation of the patient. Immunoglobulin will give you a permanent solution if you are suffering from the lack of antibodies, but you will have to use regular dosages.