How to Deal With a Runny Nose Associated With Allergies

runny nose Runny Nose

How to Deal With a Runny Nose Associated With Allergies

A runny nose is when your nose constantly discharges mucus. It is referred to as rhinorrhea at times. It is caused by the production of excess watery mucus, which drops down the throat or through the nostril. Often, it is caused by flu or a cold, however, there are cases of allergy that result into a runny nose. A runny nose can be very bothersome if you do not know what to do. Here are some steps that can help relieve the condition.

runny nose

Runny Nose

Apply Warm Compression over the Nose and the Forehead

Pressure and congestion of the sinus can be reduced by applying mild warm compress over the nose or/and on the forehead. You can use a moistened piece of cloth. Apply it occasionally through the day. If the congestion is managed, the runny nose will stop.

Drink Plenty of Liquids

Sipping clear chicken broth and water helps thin mucus hence it drains faster from the sinuses and the nose. You can soothe the nose by inducing a warming effect, say by drinking hot milk or tea.

Get Steamy

You can get steamy by staying in a bathroom with a hot running shower. Alternatively, you can inhale steam from a hot liquid. It helps soothe the membranes of the nose, and the nose can blow with ease.

Get Plenty of Rest

When you take a rest, say by sleeping the body gets time to heal. It also minimizes the need to keep blowing the nose. It helps protect the nasal membrane from constant friction.
Use saline nasal drops or spray
Gentle saline drop or spray can be helpful in managing a runny nose. It also makes breathing easy. The spray soothes the membranes of the nose.

Use a Humidifier

A dry and runny nose can be very uncomfortable. You can add more moisture around you by using a cold mist vaporizer or clean humidifier. When your nasal cavity is moist, the mucus drains faster. Hence, the runny nose will go away faster.

Use Prescribed OTC Medication

There is no prescription for a runny nose. However, some products can help feel better as the runny nose clears. Use of OTC prescriptions can minimize a runny nose that results from allergies. A runny nose can hinder sleep at night. Such prescriptions are used to help get rest.